Our Products

Blast and fire resistant; doors, walls and panels. Cladding systems and Window units.
Blast and fire resistant doors

InterDam’s wide range of blast doors and fire doors provides heavy-duty, weathertight and airtight solutions designed for a lifetime of over 20 years. They are extensively tested meet international standards – including the IMO FTP code and Norsok C-002.

Fire resistant walls

InterDam has a large variety of fire resistant walls, including our IDM ProPanel and G21 Fire Panel bolted wall designs and an IDM Panel welded wall configuration. All systems range from an A0 to a H120 fire rating.

Blast resistant walls

A blast resistant wall is a firewall for which an additional functional requirement apart from wind loading applies. Usually, this means that the wall needs to be able to resist a certain blast overpressure. InterDam offers a full range of fire and/or blast resistant architectural items.

Window units

IDM window units are customized and available in all fire ratings (A0, A60, H0, H60 and H120) according to IMO/SOLAS regulations. They are available in a variety of sizes, and jet fire resistant windows can also be supplied with additional modifications.

Cladding systems

InterDam provides quality cladding systems in aluminium, galvanized steel or stainless steel 316L for a variety of purposes: blast relief, heatshields, windshields, and underdecks. Louvres are also part of our product portfolio.

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