Window units


Fully-certified and customizable windows

IDM window units are customized and available in all fire ratings (A0, A60, H0, H60 and H120) according to IMO/SOLAS regulations. They are available in a variety of sizes, and jet fire resistant windows can also be supplied with additional modifications. The windows can be further upgraded for blast resistance according to your specific requirements.
Our heavy duty fire rated window units are supplied with the following specifications:

• Glass as a sealed unit with a minimum of 8 mm toughened glass
• An internal frame made from seaworthy aluminium
• An external frame made from mild or stainless steel
• Standard sound insulation of 48 dB (upgrades are available upon request)
• Standard U-value 2.7 W/m²°C (upgrades are available upon request)
• Installation for welding or bolting

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