Our last webinar

Sharing experience on the design and testing of blast & fire resistant sandwich panels

This webinar presents an overview of 50 years of development of fire and blast resistant walls for offshore installations and introduces a new “Type” of wall. This thoroughly tested and certified 4th Type was developed as a response to the continuous quest to further optimise the cost and weight of offshore topsides, thus allowing operators and designers to accommodate more equipment and higher field yield.

Inductive research indicates that the selection of a fire and blast resistant wall design amongst the available Types is very often biased and predominantly based on past experience. As such, the traditionally selected option has been a monocoque structural design incorporating load bearing walls instead of framed construction designs with non-load.

The live webinar was performed at 20 December 2016. If you have not been able to attend this webinar, there is the possibility to watch the webinar on demand.