Creating safe working conditions across the globe.

InterDam’s mission is to provide high quality products that create safe working conditions for people in on- and offshore hazardous environments across the globe. To do this, we design and create standard and customised products for offshore and onshore applications.

Our company is quality assured according to ISO 45001: 2018 standards, and all of our products have approval certificates from authorities such as Lloyd’s, DNV, USCG and ABS.

Certified fire doors, blast doors and wall systems
We offer fire doors through a heavy duty, fully certified range that covers fire ratings from A0 up to H120, including jet fire requirements. Our doors are able to withstand blast overpressure up to 2.5 bar. Our innovative steel wall designs consist of bolted or welded wall systems suitable for a range of on- and offshore situations. Our products meet all fire ratings (A0, A60, A120, H0, H60, H120) as well as jet fire ratings, and our systems cover blast resistance up to 2.5 bar blast overpressure. Our own in-house designed cladding system (blast relief), louvres and heat shields complete our range or products.

We work with the most exacting companies
Our extensive experience in the Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Infra & Defense markets allows us to help customers across the globe. We are experts in meeting the stringent requirements of some of the world’s most exacting companies. To do this, we work hard to find the optimal balance between engineered solutions and standardised products as we help you select the most suitable wall solution for your project. Design, engineering – and most importantly product development and structural calculations – are all done in-house with well-trained, professional staff.

Cost-effective, high-quality performance
We use our customers’ performance requirements and technical specifications to provide the most cost-effective products for each specific project on a case-by-case basis. In every situation, we emphasize major cost and weight savings while maintaining the highest requirements in terms of structural integrity, durability and safety.



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