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Dutch Ministry of Defence opens its doors to lasting safety

Recently, the Maintenance Group Groot Grijs (Dienst Instandhouding) from the Dutch Ministry of Defence and InterDam have signed a contract agreement for a maximum of 15 years for the maintenance and repair of over 2300 doors on board the Groot Grijs vessels. The corporation agreement includes updating and maintaining the fire and blast resistant, water- and gastight doors on board of the vessels HNLMS Rotterdam, HNLMS Johan de Witt, and HNLMS Karel Doorman.

Annemieke Selbach, head purchasing at the Royal Dutch Navy said: “With the contract agreement we go from reactive to proactive maintenance based on data usage, therefore, we have implemented the latest technologies. The status of our safety items at the Ministry of Defence is visible 24/7. With this, we can steer on trends and deliver the demanded quality and guarantee safety.”

KLTZ(TD) Richard Gans, Head of Groot Grijs, said: “If a fire starts at sea, it is important for the safety of the crew to keep the fire as small as possible. Good fire-resistant doors are essential in these situations.”

Fraser Weir, Managing Director of InterDam said: “We are delighted with the contract agreement with the Dutch Ministry of Defence. Not just because of the extension of our relationship but also because they attach importance to good maintenance of fire and explosion resistant issues. This fits perfectly with the vision InterDam has on their maintenance and repair competencies.”

With the agreement, both parties sign their cooperation to go above and beyond for what is needed for safety and maintenance. During the agreement, InterDam will deploy their expertise to equip the crew from the ships involved through awareness training and practical training for possible calamities during missions. The repair and maintenance activities will mainly be done by InterDam in Den Helder.


For decades, InterDam engineers, produces, installs and maintains fire and explosion resistant panels, doors and windows. InterDam’s broad product portfolio can be found in places such as offshore wind, oil and gas industry, petrochemical, tunnels, LNG-plants, shipping, and defence. The innovative products, certified according to international standards, contribute towards safer surroundings for people and equipment; Your Shield in the Field. With InterDam’s broad product portfolio they are the world market leader in the area of fire and blast resistant panels, doors, and windows.

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