A60 fire resistant walls

A60 fire resistant walls for Oil & Gas and offshore wind projects

InterDam has a wide range of fire walls available, the latest innovation is the G21 Fire Panel. This sandwich panel is tested and approved from A0 to H120 fire ratings and extremely easy-to-install compared to the traditional welded wall systems. Blast resistant sandwich wall panels can also be supplied.

G21 Fire Panels have been extensively tested to guarantee the safety of employees, platforms/plants and the environment, onshore and offshore. Even with penetrations like MCT or pipes, the sandwich wall remains fully fire resistant. These fire walls are available for internal and external applications with a lifetime expectancy of over 30 years.

G21 Fire Panel is a revolutionary lightweight sandwiching fire wall. The panels are delivered as ready-to-install, supplied with belonging accessories such as stainless steel self-tapping screws and/or flashings. The G21 Fire Panels increase cost-efficiency and are quick to install as no hot-work required.

Our wall systems are specially designed for Oil & Gas platforms or plants, Offshore wind substations or Prefabricated modules such as E-houses. Interest in receiving more information about the new A60 fire wall system?