With our large variety of fire resistant walls, we help to keep your people and equipment safe on the most hazardous situations. In all possible ways safety is important and a first aid station on the site should not be missed. As from now is possible to attach such items like a first aid kit, or other equipment up to 30 kg, to our G21 fire panels! In a recent test, the Equipment Mounting System test, our panels have been proven to withstand 60 minutes of fire while bearing 5 loads of 30 kg each. Traditionally sandwich panels are considered as non-load bearing walls, but during the test the panels have shown to be stable. For an impression of the test, watch the video here.

We are very proud of this result and the fact that this is now incorporated into the certificate of type approval issued by DNV-GL.

Do you wish to receive our new certificate or do you want to learn more about our G21 Fire Panels, do not hesitate to contact us at info@interdam.com