Blast resistant modular buildings

Traditionally blast building construction is concrete based or welded steel loadbearing walls. InterDams range of G21 sandwichpanels will be the perfect substitute to obtain savings on weight and costs on modularized oil and gas installations.

The blast rated sandwich panels are fully prefabricated and pre-coated, made from realigned layers of fibers sandwiched between two metal sheets and available for blast ratings up to 1.0 bar blast with special designed panel supports. They have been extensively tested for both fire and blast resistance. Blast resistant panels have been tested in various construction ways, conditions and blast overpressure varieties at DNV Spadeadam testing facilities in the United Kingdom.


G21 Sandwich Panel (3D view)                                                                    Typical corner detail of G21 Sandwich Panel

InterDam G21 sandwichpanels have been actually blast tested and Fire-Post-Blast tested. Fire ratings from A60 up to H120 including jet fire ratings can be obtained with our light weight sandwichpanels. We refer to the Free span table G21 Blast Panel below for a comprehensive decision making model.


G21 Blast Panels can be used as internal or external fire/blast walls to create light-weight modular buildings optimizing safety on-site. The prefabricated panels are suitable for projects with blast resistance requirements for both small and large modules, including:

• Offshore wind substations
• Petrochemical plants
• Oil & Gas platforms/plants