Sliding doors


Sliding doors

Our heavy duty sliding doors are available for all fire ratings in accordance with the IMO FTP code and SOLAS 74. All of our heavy duty sliding doors have been extensively tested and approved by Lloyd’s Register, DNV-GL, ABS and USCG.




Fire rating A60 or H120 Jet fire resistant
Blast rating non-blast rated up to 2.5 bar blast resistant
Max. fire tested clear opening H2493 x W1500 mm larger sizes upon request
Sound insulation 36 dB 51 dB
Thermal insulation 0.5 W/m²K higher values upon request
Operation manually

Ergo Latch / pneumatically / electrically

InterDam’s sliding doors incorporate a heavy duty sliding mechanism – a stainless steel railing system with supports and rollers – and include standardly-provided heavy duty hardware such as stainless steel door handles and a hook latch. Sealing around the doorframe ensures a weathertight fit for the entire unit.

Cost-effective Ergo Latch© Design

To meet specific Norsok requirements for our heavy duty sliding doors, we have designed a special mechanical device that ensures a maximum opening force of 5 kg. This opening device is called the Ergo Latch©, and it operates like a standard door handle. It reduces purchase and maintenance costs – you won’t need special pneumatic or electrical opening systems to comply with Norsok opening force requirements – and it fits doors from all heavy duty door manufacturers.

Pneumatic/electric opening system

We have also developed our own pneumatic and electric opening system for all sizes of heavy duty sliding doors.