Blast resistant walls


Blast resistant walls for any project
A blast resistant wall is a firewall for which an additional functional requirement apart from wind loading applies. Usually, this means that the wall needs to be able to resist a certain blast overpressure. InterDam offers a full range of fire and/or blast resistant architectural items, including our self-designed blast resistant walls such as our new G21 Blast Panel, the IDM Propanel and the IDM Panel Welded products. All of our bolted or welded wall systems secure the safety of your environment, are suitable for harsh offshore conditions, and cover all fire blast ratings according to project-specified values.
Light-weight and easy-to-install G21 Blast Panel
Our new G21 Blast Panel is perfect for on- and offshore applications. Our certified A60 and H120 fire wall system use a lightweight and sandwich panel construction for adaptable application where required. They can also be installed quickly to enhance project planning flexibility – the post-installation of penetration is swift and easy. The blast rated sandwich panels are fully prefabricated and pre-coated, made from realigned layers of fibers sandwiched between two metal sheets and available for blast ratings up to 0.8 bar blast with special designed panel supports.
The IDM Propanel
We have enhanced our IDM ProPanel systems using a hybrid shape to increase span and blast loads. This hybrid approach integrates columns into the wall system two to three metres apart to carry the blast loads transferred from the IDM ProPanel infill panels. The system also discriminates between the product’s load-bearing function (hot-rolled carbon steel columns) and its separating function (the infill panels). This solution combines the advantages of the favourable high strength characteristics of the hot rolled sections with the separating and insulating properties of the walls. It is a very competitive structure, especially for blast walls that require a stainless steel external skin.
Jet fire resistant
Jet fires are characterized by locally concentrated heat input that is more severe than hydrocarbon fire. Jet fire resistance specifications are therefore an additional functional requirement that we can build into to any of our walls. InterDam has experience with several jet fire cases, including a test of our own in which we jet fire tested our IDM ProPanel wall system for over two hours.

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