Fire resistant walls


New type of fire resistant walls

InterDam has a large variety of fire resistant walls, including our IDM ProPanel and G21 Fire Panel bolted wall designs and an IDM Panel welded wall configuration. All systems range from an A0, A60 to a H120 fire rating. 

Four types of fire walls have been developed since the creation of offshore platforms more than 50 years ago. Our most recently developed product – G21 Fire Panel – uses a sandwich wall construction that we have tested for full compliance to the IMO standard.

Our revolutionary G21 Fire Panel

Our G21 Fire Panel is a revolutionary sandwiching fire wall that brings significant advantages over traditional wall systems:

  • Increased cost-efficiency
  • Quick installation (no hot-work required)
  • Minimum weight
  • Easy post-installation of penetrations
  • Equipment of 30 kg or less may be attached to the panels

Please visit our product section for more detailed information about our G21 Fire Panel.

Our optimized IDM ProPanel

This build-up system is comprised of a coated or stainless steel thin-gauged galvanised coil bolted to the supporting structure, combined with pre-insulated elements shaped to offer an optimal span-to-weight ratio.

The advantages of our IDM ProPanel wall systems include:

  • Easy adaptation to site deviations (no welding, hot work or painting is required), making them pre-eminently suited to refurbishment jobs
  • Optimal weight efficiency due to a corrugated shape that can be engineered to suit any set of boundary conditions with regard to span, loading and available depth
  • Easy accommodation to specified blast overpressure as they are fully seal welded for 100% air, gas and water tightness
  • Regularly modified types designed to suit specific project requirements that cannot be met with standard systems, such as blast resistance, jet fire requirements, etc.

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