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InterDam instala la primera puerta de túnel aprobada por RWS.

After an extremely short design process of only 6 months and a successful full-scale fire test InterDam has the first RWS approved tunnel door. Usually, the products of InterDam are tested against the IMO cellulosic (960 degrees) or hydrocarbon (1200 degrees) fire curves. In tunnels, the Rijkswaterstaat fire curve is applicable, which is even more intense (1350 degrees) than the hydrocarbon curve.

InterDam’s R&D engineers, engineers and Operations have realized a design in this extremely short timeframe to achieve the result accepted by the client. The subject doors are designed according to opening against an extreme overpressure of more than 200 Pascal, whilst the opening force is only 100 N for people seeking a safe haven in case of emergency. Last week the first door has been installed in the tunnel by the experienced InterDam crew onsite.

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Inauguración oficial de la nueva sede de InterDam

Inauguración oficial de la nueva sede de InterDam

El viernes pasado, InterDam celebró la inauguración oficial de su nueva sede en Klompenmakerstraat 12, en Ridderkerk. Aunque la empresa se trasladó a la nueva ubicación en marzo, la celebración no pudo celebrarse antes debido a la normativa Covid. Con nuestra visión de ser el...

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