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InterDam summer campaigns

During the summer season, the conditions to execute offshore maintenance and refurbishment activities are more favorable than winter or autumn. Offshore work can be done safer and faster in this time of year, right? We noticed that over the past decades the demand for our doors, cladding etc. increases considerably in the summer season. In order to serve our customers well, we increase our manpower during summer so that you are served on time.

Especially our unrivaled Profile 6 in various colors is produced continuously in this period. The enclosed movie is made during the production of this material which is used as a windshield, heat shield and as the final layer of various wall systems. The raw material we keep in stock to be able to rapidly respond to you.

Should you require any other product of our G21 product-line like panels or doors, both up to H120 fire rating, for upgrading or extension of your accommodation or other architectural enclosure, please let us know. Our team is ready to serve you this summer!

InterDam y Van Dam unen sus fuerzas

InterDam y Van Dam unen sus fuerzas

InterDam y Van Dam, los dos principales fabricantes holandeses de productos resistentes al fuego y a las explosiones, unen sus fuerzas. El martes 14 de julio de 2020 los tres accionistas cerraron formalmente el trato. Al completar la fusión de Value Enhancement Partners, Berend Groeneveld y...

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