Fire and blast resistant


Extensively tested to international standards

InterDam’s wide range of blast doors and fire doors provides heavy-duty, weathertight and airtight solutions designed for a lifetime of over 20 years. They have been extensively tested to meet international standards – including the IMO FTP code and Norsok C-002 – and have received onshore and offshore installation fire approval from DNV-GL, Lloyd’s Register, ABS, USCG and GOST. The doors cover fire ratings from A0 up to H120 (including jet fire requirements) and our blast tests demonstrate blast overpressure up to 2.5 bar.

Our door range consists of the following heavy duty door types:

  • A0 / A60 rated single leaf hinged door
  • A0 / A60 rated double leaf hinged door
  • A0 / A60 rated single leaf sliding door
  • H0 / H60 / H120 rated single leaf hinged door
  • H0 / H60 / H120 rated single leaf sliding door
  • H0 / H60 / H120 rated double leaf hinged door

Nowadays, besides fire- and blast protection, there is a rising demand for bullet resistance. With some modifications inside the doorleaf, we can make our doors bulletproof up to BR7 class.

In-house design for versatility
All of our fire and blast doors are manufactured in the Netherlands with our specially-designed in-house hardware. They are delivered as complete, pre-assembled and ready-to-install units in galvanized steel or 316 stainless steel. Hardware for the doors is supplied in 316 stainless steel and contributes to longevity, even under severe (offshore) conditions.

Of course, our fire and blast door designs are also versatile and can be adapted to meet your particular requirements. Early consultation will help us provide you with a detailed design optimized to your overall platform design philosophy.

A solution for every project
Our sales team is dedicated to providing a solution for each and every project condition imaginable. Please visit the sliding door or hinged door section of our website for more information. These product sections also allow you to easily generate an obligation-free quotation.

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