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For many decades offshore platforms were envisioned by their designers as fixed legged ships. Significant amounts of steel were required to build these offshore structures. Thicker steel was the solution to protecting walls against corrosion whilst maintaining integrity.

After several major accidents fire resistant layers were added to the steel walls. As the rigs turned larger and more heavy, due to incorporation of field yield enhancing equipment on the platforms, the need to save weight whilst maintaining the integrity of wall systems increased. InterDam has recognized this demand and has developed a range of fully certified, light weight and easy to install architectural products under the name of G21. Safe. Simple. The products of the 21st century. The current flagship is the G21 Fire Panel, a sandwich wall system, which is becoming rapidly recognized as the 4th Type of offshore fire walls. Originating from offshore HVDC transformer platforms, the G21 Fire Panel is now available for the offshore oil and gas industry as costefficient means to save weight and improve on safety.

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