Fire Ratings

A0, A60, H0, H60 and H120 ratings

Fire ratings such as A60 and H120 indicate the duration the doors and walls must be able to withstand a particular type of fire. InterDam has undertaken extensive research and development which has resulted in innovative, light-weight designs. These designs have been approved by designated authorities such as DNV and Lloyd’s Register.

Difference between A- and H-fire ratings
A-fire rated doors and walls are tested with a ISO cellulosic fire temperature curve. H-fire rated items are tested with a hydrocarbon fire curve. The hydrocarbon fire curve has a faster build-up and higher plateau temperature than the standard A-curve. 
The fire doors and fire walls shall maintain their function with respect to fire resistance and structural integrity when exposed to a heat load characteristic for cellulosic (A-fire rating) fire or hydrocarbon (H-fire rating) fire.

ClassificationTime in minutesTime in minutes
Integrity and load bearing capacityInsulation performance

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