blast RESISTANT panel.

Lightweight and easy-to-install G21 Blast Panel

Our new G21 Blast Panel is perfect for on- and offshore applications. Our certified H120 and A60 fire wall systems use a lightweight and sandwich panel construction for adaptable application where required. They can also be installed quickly to enhance project planning flexibility – the post-installation of penetrations is swift and easy. Let us know your fire/blast requirements, and we’ll create the perfect G21 Blast Panel for you.

Certified and easy-to-use

All of our panels bring significant advantages, as they are:
• Blast tested up to 0.6 bar blast overpressure
• Fire tested according to IMO regulations for A60 and H120 ratings
• Approved by DNV-GL (even with penetrations)
• Available as internal and external applications
• Lightweight
• Easy and quick to install (1 hour per square meter)
• Offered with an improved price/performance ratio
• Have a lifetime expectancy of 30 years

Optimizing blast safety with G21 Blast Panel

The G21 Blast Panels were field tested subjecting a number of wall samples on several explosion setups. In response to these test results, we created a free span table with five different blast categories. With this free span table you can easily see how the sandwich panel meets your specific blast requirements! Safe. Simple. This video shows what happens with the sandwich panels in each blast category. 

How safe can you be

Our new sandwich panels are now officially fire-post-blast approved! The G21 Blast Panels were field tested last year subjecting a number of wall samples on several explosion setups. A panel sample tested to 0,25 bar blast has later been exposed to hydrocarbon fire of 120 minutes and the panel maintained her properties after H120 fire! Fire-post-blast tests are performed to simulate reality and keeping people and equipment safe on your project. We took a big step towards keeping professionals safe in hazardous areas by setting this new best practice.

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