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Fully compliant and customizable doors

Our G21 fire rated doors have been designed, manufactured and extensively tested by InterDam BV. These heavy duty fire rated doors are in full compliance with all fire and blast resistance requirements, and have fire approval from DNV, Lloyds, ABS and USCG. All doors are customized upon clients’ fire rating (and blast) repuirements.

Solid, fire resistant material

Door leafs are constructed from two galvanized or stainless steel sheet metal panels, sandwiching a heavy duty fire resistant core and solidly assembled to form an extremely rigid, flat panel.

Easy installation

Each G21 fire rated door is supplied as a single, fully pre-assembled unit. It is ready for wall installation with certified self-tapping screws through predrilled holes in the frame, or by welding if preferred. Once installed, it will operate as a normal steel door.

Durable, architecturally-pleasing hardware

All accessories such as latches, handles and hinges are made of durable and architecturally-pleasing solid stainless steel 316 quality to ensure integrity of the doorunits in more severe conditions.

  • All doors are provided with the following hardware:
  • Three stainless steel 316 hinges per door leaf
  • Two stainless steel 316 handles with escutcheons
  • Seals with protection strips (to guarantee weather-tightness and gas tightness)
  • A heavy duty door closer

A variety of options

Our fire rated doors can also be modified to include:

Blast resistance to meet specific requirements
Integrated fire and blast resistant vision panels

  • Larger sizes
  • Automatic operation
  • Compatibility with access control systems

XL Fire doors tested

In July 2016 we performed a fire test on an extreme large heavy duty fire rated door with clear opening dimensions H 4.2 x W 3.3 meters. This door has been developed to meet the demands of operators and contractors for type approval certificates of extreme large fire rated doors. Doors for such large openings are mainly required to move equipment in/out a certain building. The fire test on the largest door that have ever been fire tested was successful in compliance with the IMO FTP code and European norm EN1634-1

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