InterDam Maintenance and Repair is your ideal partner for high-end, custom-build projects. We specialize in civil projects with demanding or even extreme technical requirements for doors, windows and walls. We specialize in fit-for-purpose materials, for example extremely high-rated blast proof doors that need to be engineered to specification and custom-built. We consult, engineer, build, install and maintain these high-specification fire and blast proof doors and windows. Having accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, we advise and deliver according to very specific requirements. We prefer to be involved early in the architectural stages, so we can provide expert input. Our track record includes special construction projects, infra projects such as road tunnels and high-speed rail tunnels and innovative architecture. The safety of these structures depends heavily on the protective qualities of the blast proof doors and windows. For this reason, these custom-made materials are carefully managed by our qualified experts, to ensure their unique and extremely high fire and blast protective qualities remain flawless throughout their life cycle of 30 years or more.

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InterDam B.V.
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2984 BB Ridderkerk
The Netherlands
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