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The production and use of Hydrogen on a larger scale is still in development, but as governments, businesses and energy consumers continue to align on the need for net-zero emissions in the future, support for hydrogen as a clean fuel is gathering pace.

Similar to other combustible gasses, some of hydrogen’s properties require additional engineering controls to ensure its safe use. Specifically, hydrogen has a wide range of flammable concentrations in air and lower ignition energy than gasoline or natural gas, which means it can ignite more easily.

In addition, some metals can become brittle when exposed to hydrogen, so selecting appropriate materials is important to the design of safe hydrogen systems.

Our portfolio of highly certified fire and blast resistant products and our experience in the field of Fire and Blast resistant Architectural design with other gas projects will contribute to your Hydrogen developments.

Products for a safer working environment in hydrogen:

Fire and blast resistant doors

Fire and blast resistant walls

Fire and blast resistant windows

Fire and blast cladding

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