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Gas remains the fastest growing fossil fuel. The markets for gas in the US and China have been booming, and the global gas trade market has expanded. Although the gas market is expected to grow at a slower pace in the years ahead, expansion in the gas and LNG markets continues, with LNG demand expected to grow an average of 0.9 percent per year until 2035.

Today, there are more than 110 LNG facilities operating in the U.S. alone, performing a variety of services. More LNG facilities continue to come on-line, with an additional 16 onshore LNG export terminals having received FERC approval.

The design of LNG facilities comes with significant challenges specifically related to fire and blast requirements:

Jet fire resistance:
High pressure gaslines require jetfire resistance, not just a common 1 or 2 hour fire rating.

Blast relief:
High blast pressures require blast relief to save the main structure of the building in case of a blast event. Certain walls and roofs need to be designed to collapse either inwards or outwards if hit by a blast pressure above a certain level.

Acoustic insulation:
Specific process equipment provides high noise levels. Sound insulation up to 50dB is required to protect employees in workplaces and accommodations.
Remote locations of these facilities often calls for modular design of the buildings, to be prefabricated and equipped remotely and transported by vessel to location, and weight savings and allowances for transport deflections become critical factors in design and construction.
InterDam has extensive experience in the design and supply of most of the components that form the external envelope of buildings, in many different climate conditions, from tropical climates to the arctic tundra and even hurricane prone areas . We often partner with the EPC in the early FEED stage to design the most cost efficient facilities to keep people and equipment safe. Our products are certified to the latest requirements such as UL, USCG, DNV, Lloyds, ABS, IMO/Solas, Norsok and several other standards for the utmost in safety and reliability.

Products for a safer working environment in LNG

Fire and blast resistant doors

Fire and blast resistant walls

Fire and blast resistant windows

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