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InterDam offers certified passive fire safety solutions to the Civil Infra market, specifically for traffic tunnels. We offer fire door solutions for escape channels, cross passages, channel partitions etc. for both rail and road tunnels. Our track record includes infra projects such as road tunnels and high-speed rail tunnels. Based on our experience in this segment as well as other similar high demanding markets InterDam is your ideal partner for these high-end, low maintenance doors. We specialize in civil projects with demanding or even extreme technical requirements for doors.

The safety of people as well as the tunnel structures themselves depends heavily on the protective qualities of the fireproof doors. In many countries tunnel doors therefore have to comply with extremely stringent regulations and specifications and first of all: Fire resistance. Over the years many fire curves have been developed on the basis of relevant knowledge and experience. These include the RWS curve, UL 1709, HCM and RABT that specify a very high peak temperature.

Key to safety also is the quality, reliability and durability of our doors, to keep maintenance requirements and intervals as limited as possible. Our special attention in developing these doors have been on these aspects in relation to the demanding environment in which they operate. For the same reason, these projects are carefully managed by our qualified experts, to ensure their unique and extremely high fire protective qualities remain flawless throughout their life cycle of 30 years or more.

Key benefits of InterDam’s high end tunnel doors in short:

 • Fire proof certified according to the highest tunnel fire curves

 • Openable with minimal force. In the field, not only in a lab

 • Minimal maintenance

 • Easy to install

 • Adjustable support frame for renovation projects

 • Standard options on remote access control

 • Mechanical push assistance for hinged doors towards pressurized escape routes 

As our solutions are developed for both new-build projects as well as renovation projects we offer designs that are easy and fast to install with the aim to optimise construction time and cost as well as limit disruption of traffic. Having accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience, we advise and deliver according to your very specific requirements. We prefer to be involved early in the architectural stages, so we can provide expert input.

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Successful fire test no. 2

Successful fire test no. 2

YES! Another sliding door has been successfully fire-tested following the EN 1634-1 standard and has achieved the EI₂ 120 and EI₁ 90 performance standards. This custom designed fire- and blast resistant sliding door is extremely large, with a clear opening of...

Successful fire test no. 1

Successful fire test no. 1

YES! Our sliding door, especially developed for tunnels is successfully fire-tested according to the Rijkswaterstaat test procedure R0695-2020.Two hours fire resistant with a maximum temperature of 1350 °C!Tested...

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